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Creator Showcase Application Submissions Now Open

Hello Creators!

We are pleased to announce that our Featured Creators section in the IMVU Next Shop is currently accepting applications.

Applying for this is pretty easy.

Please send an email to with the following information:

1. Your avatar name and your customer ID number

2. What category in the catalog your best products fall into (you can choose more than one category, but no more than five. Categories would be like "Women's Tops" or "Men's Hair" or "Women's Accessories".

3. At least one and up to five links to your best products.
(just like this:

4. Please attach at least one and up to five images of your recent products that you feel captures who you are as a Creator.

Please double check that you have included all needed information and your pictures.

We will be accepting entries on a rolling basis, so please feel free to submit at any time.

For more information go to this forum LINK.

Valentine' Day - Room Decoration Contest (ends 2/14/2017)

Valentine's Day - the most romantic day of the year - is around the corner. For different people V-day celebrations can mean a variety of things... a first date, a kid-free night as a old-married couple, friends getting together for a formal dance, a family spending time with their sweet valentines aka each other, or a wedding ceremony to start a lifetime of togetherness

What is your ideal setting for this special day of the year? Decorate a chat room for your dream Valentine's Day celebration and show it off to us to win prizes.

Contest Guidelines

--Rooms can be GA or AP
--All rooms must be set to "open" or "public" and with no room access controls (except for AP-only setting if the room is AP).
--Keep the room names GA since the links will be posted in this forum topic that is accessible to everyone
--You do not need to be a Creator or create all of the products in your room
--You can enter as many rooms as you want - but make sure they are all in a single post.
--Tell us in your post and room description why your room is perfect for a Valentine's Day celebration.

Post a link to your room in this forum topic in lieu of your contest entry. Please make sure it is set to open or public so we can go in there to judge!

Don't forget to post photos of the room you decorate for this contest and share them to your Feed. Post a link to them as well!

For more information go HERE.

So much going on in the Creator section of the forums right now❣❣❣ 

First, big news: You can now submit yourself for consideration for the Creator Showcase! 
Visit the forums to find out more. 

Three Valentine's Contests currently running❣ A new one opens next week. There is still time to participate in four of the five Valentine's contests and earn a badge for each one and a SUPER badge for participating. 

🌹🌹🌹Roses and Poses Jan 25 - Feb 8 

💝💝💝Take a Bite Out of Romance Jan 20 - Jan 30 


The Heart Air Balloon contest had a huge turnout with over 100 Creators participating. Polystyrene has made a great public room full of over 20 of these balloons and you can check them out 
 here for the room information page or click here to go directly to the room 

The winners were: 
First prize 
Å Heart Air Balloon By AVANI 

Second prize 
Valentine Air Balloon By CajunNamedSue 

Third prize 
M~ Romantic Air Balloon By lMeloddyl 

Did you miss the Heart Air Balloon contest? You can still participate! There is a Stream/Feed contest featuring these balloons here

Do you make badges? 
Last but not least, we are having a Valentine's Extravaganza Super Badge contest here

2017 Valentine's Contest Extravaganza!


Valentines Day

We've got FIVE contests that will make almost anyone happy.

For more information: CLICK HERE

1. Heart Air Balloon (a furniture texturing contest) by Polystyrene
runs from Jan 13 to Jan 23

2. Take a Bite Out of Romance by miaka618
runs Jan 20 to Jan 30

3. Roses and Poses by JinxyWithMoji (with a mesh made for us by Rachiru)
runs Jan 25 to Feb 8

4. All Heart (room texturing) by Emes
runs from Jan 27 to Feb 6

5. Pro vs. Anti Valentines Outfits (clothing texturing) by JinxyWithMoji
runs Feb 3 to Feb 13

Each contest will earn you a special badge made by that creator or IMVU just for submitting a valid entry, and Creators who participate in at least 4 out of the 5 contests will earn a special super badge, so let's get creating!

Fortune Telling Machine theme contest! 1/9/17 - 1/18/17

Hey Everyone! Fun little contest to tide us over until the Valentine's stuff (which is going to be a whole pile of contests, btw!)

Stymesh has generously made a ridiculous but fun Fortune Teller Machine for us to paint!

Fortune Teller

What makes it so fun is that YOU can become the fortune teller in the machine, when you click on it, plus it can be customized a lot of ways.

In this contest, you are not only painting the machine, but you need to post an image to the Stream of your machine, showing it off to best effect.

To learn more you can go here.

Holiday Stocking Contest - Ends 12/12/16

Hey Everyone,

Thanks to our brilliant, talented meshers who participated in the stocking contest we now have SIX fantastic meshes for you to paint for this latest contest.

Are you excited? Wait until you actually try these stockings out! They are even better up close and in person.

This is going to be tough, because each Creator can only submit 3 entries, but let's texture a bunch of gorgeous Holiday Stockings!

Here are the details: Holiday Stocking Contest - Ends 12/12/16



Holiday Stocking contest FOR MESHERS

Hey Everyone,

Great new contest here...yay! First I just want to say this is the first of three contests, mesher, then texture artist then Stream, so if you don't mesh don't worry, your contest is coming!

There is a login gift room coming out November 25th, but we're getting a little jump on it here. The room has nodes to hang STOCKINGS on the fireplace mantle, and this is all scaled so your avatar fits INSIDE the stocking!

So, for this contest, we are hoping meshers will get excited to make some awesome stockings to be textured in the next contest. We are providing a max file here ( to get you started with a base stocking all set up at the right size and everything and ready for your tweaking and/or referencing for size, etc. We hope you have fun with this and that everyone has plenty of stockings to decorate their room with by the end of December!

Here are the details:

When: This contest runs from today, the 21st, through the end of the day on the 30th (or morning of December 1st, when workdays are starting and someone is around to close this thread. Let's just say if the thread is not locked yet, your entry is in time, but it's never a good idea to wait until the last moment!)

What: Giant size Holiday Stockings to hang from the mantle of the room everyone gets for logging in on November 25th. You don't have to make a spot for an avatar to fit in your stocking, but they are sized for that! Please at least use the IMVU-provided Max file as a reference. Be creative! I'm thinking...pompoms, tassels, pointed or curled toes, gifts spilling out, different poses if that's your thing, different shapes, different lengths. C'mon, let's go crazy! Smile They do not have to be Christmas themed, since not everyone celebrates Christmas.


All stockings must properly fit on a mantle node in the Holiday Tree room that is being given away Nov. 25th.

Stockings should follow good rules of meshing like not having crazy numbers of polygons. If you are not sure if what you are doing is a good idea or not, please ask someone here or in the 3d developing forum.

By entering into this contest, you are agreeing to allow your mesh to be used in the complimentary contest for texture artists, and this may include eventually being used as a login gift.

Stockings do not need to have a proper texture, a placeholder texture that shows your entry is properly mapped is just fine since we are judging the mesh and not the texture. In fact, if your stocking is used in the next contest you will have an opportunity to paint your own stocking then, if you like.

Please set your entry to Display Only (a good idea anyway, if you are using a placeholder texture!)


There will be at least one winner and up to six. Each winner to receive 100k credits.

We will be promoting this contest and the stockings as well. Whether you consider this part of the prize or not is up to you! Smile

Please ask questions if you are unsure about anything, and have fun making holiday stockings!  Mesher Contest

November 25th Deadline --- BEST SHOP pic for Small Business Saturday on our Facebook & Twitter!!!

Hello Creators!

Small Business Saturday is coming up fast and we’re beyond excited.

IMVU would like to promote your shop/boutique on its Facebook and Twitter pages.

Just click on this link to submit. Any questions or comments should be posted there, please:

Best shop pic

Small Business Saturday --- November 26, 2016

We will be hosting this popular event for our Community on Saturday, November 26, 2016 aka Small Business Saturday.

For those who may not be aware, Small Business Saturday is a day in the United States where people are encouraged to do their holiday shopping with small, local businesses. It follows Black Friday, one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

You - our content Creators are definitely small businesses - with huge creative imaginations! We want to celebrate you and your creations with this event and invite all the Community members to go on a shopping spree on that day and beyond.

This is your opportunity (optional of course) to set up special rooms and boutiques to show of your products and be in the rooms to meet and greet with your customers.

Feel free to check it out at this forum

How to Participate

--All Creators are welcome to participate in Small Business Saturday on IMVU

--Creators will put together individual public chat rooms that will show off their products, typically called a boutique or showroom. GA and AP catalogs are welcome!

--You can be present in your rooms to answer questions, gift items, etc. or you can hire models or take turns moderating your room with friends. It is up to you!

-- Partners/collaborators can also submit their showrooms


We have planned promotions via multiple (and additional) channels.

--A forum post in general announcements section
--A forum post in our IMVU Hosted Events section which will also list the final lists of all showrooms/boutiques for the event
--Blue Bar
--A message (with email notification) to all users mid-month
--A special landing page announcing the event which will be linked from the Shop menu on our website
--Banner ads and webpage and shop page interstitials leading up to the event
--Client login interstitial and login gift both promoting the event on Saturday, November 26th
--Promotion via our social channels - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Additionally, we encourage those who participate to share the information via pulse/photo stream/feed too as we get closer to the date. We will be doing the same.

How to Organize Your Showroom

Some ideas:

--Use Flash mannequins and Flash shop display items to display your items
--Ask friends to model your clothing while walking down a runway in your room
--If you are a room creator, use a chat room portal (like this one by Tidy) to show off multiple rooms at once

**Feel free to post any tips or products that can help others with their showrooms in this thread.

It would be great if your room description includes the phrase "Small Business Saturday" too.

How to Submit Your Showroom

Submission begins today, November 1st, 2016 and ends on November 23rd, 2016.

Use this forum topic below to submit your showroom. There is no limit on how many showrooms you may send, but we will do our best to ensure that everyone has a fair chance of their showroom being seen on the list.

When submitting a room please include the following information.

Host(s) name
Room name and link
Whether it is GA or AP
Type of products showcased (clothing, rooms, furniture, accessories etc)

Members of IMVU staff with the help of our moderators will review all submissions for Small Business Saturday. Please put your best items in your rooms. Please make sure all products comply with our policies.

Creator Contest: Pumpkin King Throne!

Creators are encouraged to enter the Pumpkin King Throne contest to show off their texturing skills and participate in the Halloween season. First place winner will have their version given site wide as a login gift on Halloween and a cash prize of $50.00 USD. Ends Oct 23, 2016 so don’t miss out! Details available here.