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Los grupos de IMVU son una manera para distinguirte y conocer otros con la misma interés de tú.  Los grupos están divididos por actividades, moda, pensamientos personales y mucho más.  ¿Te interesa hablar con personas con carros muy de moda o pasar el tiempo con otros admiradores del programa "Twilight"?  ¡Junta a un grupo y comienza a escribir!  La gente en un grupo puede hablar, compartir ideas y invitar sus mismos a otros grupos.  Con más que diez mil grupos, será fácil encontrar un grupo que te da la interés, comparte tus acitividades o pensamientos.  

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^The name says it all. If you would like a invite to my tutorial group buy a support sticker from "My" catalog them message. This is a group For Developers to get GIMP Help. I make my own tuts.

For every Aquarius, Capricorn, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Scorpius and more. For anyone who is interested in astrology and constellations. ^^

Welcome to the Computer Help group. If you got a Computer, Laptop, Hardware, Software problem, This it a group for you.

Engineering, science, and tech. Questions and discussion of new stuff or old concepts. Need help with kinematics? Thermo dynamics got you down? Have a new idea you want to kick about? We got your back. Any one with an open mind and a healthy dose of...

Welcome to the Lag Free Zone ^_^. Here I will show you multiple ways to improve your PCes overall performance.((Remember this group is not responsible for any damage you do to your system.))

Some mechanism to have fixed-width fonts here would be spiffy. echo '>>++[<++>-]++[<+++>-]+>>>>++[<++[<++[< ++[<++>-]>-]>-]>-]<<++[<++>-]>>>>++[<++[<++[ <++[<++[<+++>-]>-]>-]>-]>-]>++[<++[<++[<++[< ++[<+++>-]>-]<<+>>>-]<<<+>>>>-]>-]<<<<<[>+>+ ...

For all you proud-2-be computer nerds like me!

swag somos nós se não existes-se nós não podia existe swag yh deixamos uma dica não emite apenas supere...

Use a mac ,own a mac, love macs but don't have one, JOIN NOW! (go's for any other apple product to)

For World Of Warcraft Lovers. You can join!!! :)

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