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Los grupos de IMVU son una manera para distinguirte y conocer otros con la misma interés de tú.  Los grupos están divididos por actividades, moda, pensamientos personales y mucho más.  ¿Te interesa hablar con personas con carros muy de moda o pasar el tiempo con otros admiradores del programa "Twilight"?  ¡Junta a un grupo y comienza a escribir!  La gente en un grupo puede hablar, compartir ideas y invitar sus mismos a otros grupos.  Con más que diez mil grupos, será fácil encontrar un grupo que te da la interés, comparte tus acitividades o pensamientos.  

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Ello this is where you make your own story line~! It is simple yet fun!!! There'll be a few where threads where everyone could make a character for the open thread only. :D See rules on inside.

NewPost by Guest_XxLolliGalxX on 07/29/2014 12:03:53pm
 Re: Church Horrors ~Treanii
"Gilbert nodded his head. ''It's a p..."

ADM Julie logs and reports for Intelligence section

  • Propietario: CrazeKnight
  • Categoría: Juegos de Rol
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The group page for the Sapientia Valley Role Play.

NewPost by AryaDrake on 07/29/2014 11:56:36am
 Re: Mean while in Aberon
"((O_O ouch! That was low XD)) rnrn-Arya felt a bit..."

  • Propietario: Guest_NoMoreMercyX
  • Categoría: Juegos de Rol
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Just your average high school life where you can make your own stories. Think about being a class president or a rebellious person. The bully and the bullied, who maybe start to like each other.

NewPost by Guest_NoMoreMercyX on 07/29/2014 11:49:45am
 Re: |RP| Yuko's house
"[size=14px][color=#2F4F4F][i]"Yeah, though yo..."

  • Propietario: MamiiCarter
  • Categoría: Juegos de Rol
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*~*We the ladies of the Alpha Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta hope to teach and empower women to be all that they can be. To en still values,build courage and morals While remaining true to ourselves*~*

NewPost by FlawlessAlsina on 07/29/2014 11:44:40am

  • Propietario: xoAmnesia
  • Categoría: Juegos de Rol
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New Season of The Challenge is coming SOON. Tune in as you get the super buzz of what's going on in the house. Who Will be the winner of Season Six of the Challenge? 80k is a lottttaaa $$$

NewPost by PiereAlexanderJr on 07/29/2014 11:43:40am
 Re: Viewers Thread
"[center][size=8px]Wats good everyone[/center][/siz..."

  • Propietario: EsmeraldaMontana
  • Categoría: Juegos de Rol
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Coming Soon

NewPost by AntonioMontana on 07/29/2014 11:38:47am
 Convo between AntonioMontana TonnyDeLuca OscarDela...
"TonnyDeLuca: Greetings.rnAntonioMontana: Greetings..."

  • Propietario: Slappykinkaid
  • Categoría: Juegos de Rol
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This is a community for Roleplayers to interact, openly communicate & discuss their views of the RP community, & to expand understanding & stability throughout this diverse community

NewPost by Arren on 07/29/2014 11:37:48am
 Re: Roleplay Community Notice board.
"[center][size=11px][u]*NEW* Group based RP[/u]rnrn..."

  • Propietario: Guest_DessyHope98
  • Categoría: Juegos de Rol
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High school.... What fun. A school with lots of teenage pregnancies, love, and lots of drama. Also, some of these people are non-human. This will be interesting. So.. Let all the fun and drama, begin!

NewPost by SterlingCastiel on 07/29/2014 11:35:38am
 Re: Underground Basement
"Sterling grinned when she grabbed his hand and the..."

  • Propietario: Psylux
  • Categoría: Juegos de Rol
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  • Activo: Hace 2 horas

Lost Hunters Motorcycle club has expanded their reach, promoting the highly anticipted gentlemen's dance club and lodge, THE HUNTERS LODGE. this group is for the dancers of the THL.

NewPost by Psylux on 07/29/2014 11:31:56am
"The Hunter's lodge is a place of fun and exc..."

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