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Cancer Awareness

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“Keep HOPE Alive!”

No One is Excluded. Awareness and Early Detection May Save You. Join us and see how you can help in the fight against Cancer.

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Group Owner: CancerAwareness
Category: Causes
Date Formed: 2010-08-18 22:26:58
Members: 926

The Soapbox

Donations to ACS: $5125

Donations to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital: $800


Harvest time is upon us. Going natural, going healthy. Join us on the farm with fun, music and all the adventures of a farm.

This event will be held in remembrance of our member's family member who has recently left this world. Please keep the family in your prayers.

HOPE to see you there.

Date: Thursday, September 21
Time: 8pm-11pm EDT
Hosted by: CancerAwareness
Attire: Farmer clothing

Room: CancerAwareness Farmland Adventure
Direct Room Link: imvu://room/CancerAwareness/CancerAwareness+Farmland+Adventure

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Holla Board


CelticBlueRose: Aug Gala, Happy Birthday CA - Formal Event - Info posted soon ...

purplerose55: i use to belong to this group i quit imvu for a while started back starting as new

RnR0utlaw: New here, just lost my brother in October to Cancer. :(

TrueBud: ty for the invite just lost my cuz to cancer its a sad day but ill get threw it prayers godbless...

Djshellyfox: Merry Christmas Everyone! Hugs :)

xTooKewl4Ux: Wishing You & Yours A Safe & Blessed Holiday Season! (: P)

Santa: Hohoho, Hello Everyone!

Saidia70: Hello everyone =)

CelticBlueRose: Cancer Awareness Meet & Greet BREAST CANCER AWARENESS Oct 6, 2016

CelticBlueRose: Cancer Awareness Gala 80's Dance Hall Days TONIGHT!!!

CelticBlueRose: CA Gala Sept 22nd 6-11 PM EST

CelticBlueRose: CA Anniversary Gala Happening Now!

GypsyJacLee: Anna Caroline Williams - Leukemia - June 28, 2014- August 3, 2016 Rest in Blessed Peace

CancerAwareness: CA Birthday Meet n Greet hosted by TaylorCree Tomorrow! 8/4/2016 6:00 EST

astrals: My boyfriend is 10 years in remission! (Leukemia) Don't lose hope <3

B0ST0N: Hi I'm Boston I have just joined, my son was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma i wanted 2 help...

CancerAwareness: July 21st CancerAwareness Gala! Beach Attire ;)

Guest_LakshmiKailash: Hello looking to meet tohers to connect with loss both my parents due to cancer

Djshellyfox: Stopped in to share share some hugs! and smiles! :)

CelticBlueRose: For those wanting a personal note about CA Events please sign the "Event Reminder Message Th...

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