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“we here for each other awlays”

this a group of family friends who are there for each other on here an in real as well you can post if you like but it is up to you we also rp when we need to as well ,also we are GANGREL VAPMIRES

Membership: Invite only
Access: Public
Group Owner: GodHaidesDarkWolf
Category: Family & Home
Date Formed: 2011-09-14 11:20:57
Members: 325

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Holla Board


GdsStarDarkWolf: im leaveing here cause of GodHiadesDarkWolf he a bully and a god modder threatens others from sky...

BethanyShelby: Ty for adopting me into your family!

ExoticDragonFlames: ty for inviting me into ur family ,hugs to all.

EmpressCoraDoUrden: ~Waves to her brother and sister~ I am backish and Grave is no longer my husband. Do not worry.

PeterRedHawk1: ty for the invite

CoyoteRedHawk: ty brother nice to see you

AlpKiraWolfNitemare: Darkest greetings everyone. Thank You for the invite :)

LordSimbaFallenAngel: ty momma and papa

KhKalypsoAngelBadass: Thank you for the invite Papa

TyraelSouthernFire: ty for the invite it is a true honor

AlphShadowArcticWolf: Thanks for invite me :)

AlphaLyasArcticWolf: ty for invite

FreyjaRyderZaulyl: Ello darlings thank you for the invite and I hope everyone is having a beautiful day.

GodAmunRaDralcon: Hello Bro and sis and family

GodMrCloudzDarkWolf_disabled_106145775: Hello my loving Family of mine

HQMysticKuragari: ty for invite bro ...

GaiaAbrialKuragari: Ty for the invite bro Haides

GDessVixenVWCattivo: Thank You for the invite.......xoxoxo

xXSirCreedXx: hello family hope to get to meet some of you soon my location on hugs all

QDebiBKLoneWolf: Thanks for the invite ~ sweet smiles ~