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“we here for each other awlays”

this a group of family friends who are there for each other on here an in real as well you can post if you like but it is up to you we also rp when we need to as well ,also we are GANGREL VAPMIRES

Membership: Invite only
Group Owner: GodHaidesDarkWolf
Category: Family & Home
Date Formed: 2011-09-14 11:20:57
Members: 325

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Holla Board


RedHotDarkWolf: Proud to me collared and loved

KhalinOutlaw: thank you for the invite Lord Haides and Lady Freyja

SeraphinOfMoonLight: thank you for the invite it is nice to be a part of something good

MrsBabiGurLIc3Wolv3s: Thanks Daddi for the invite much love

IHEDraykeWolfBlood: Thank you for the invite call me when you can ok Bro

LadyChekaScott: Ty for the invite call on me any time

ValhallaHellStorm: Thank you gpa for the invite :3

ZelenaDarkWolf: thank you haides for the invite. i love being part of your family!

XxXCrystalRose: This was a total suprise, Thanks.:)

SkylarMoonCrystal: thanks for the invite and acceptance of the family

HunterCelticWolf: Ty all for the invitation for me and my family.

xxx3Momexxx: thanks:)

xxx3Momexxx: thanks:)

VixeyAhHippie: thanks you doe the invitaion and a very special thanks to my brother and his wife for keeping us...

Guest_XxTIMOTHYxX: i found me a guy i love finally he makes me happy lookin forward to u all meeting him he is aweso...

Guest_XxTIMOTHYxX: thank you for invite haides hugs man and cool love cakes mmm yummy

ooGOLDYoo: Sneaks in to check updates and leaves a cake behind :)

Guest_KaraCurry2013: Thank you for the invite

GdsRoseCelticDragon: Thank you for invite me

SpicyDarkWolf: Thank you for invite me