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Fallen Empier of the Dark wolf clan

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“we here for each other awlays”

This a group of family friends who are there for each other on here an in real.We are a family so therefore my brothers and sisters will rule by my family and I !

Membership: Invite only
Group Owner: GodHaidesDarkWolf
Category: Family & Home
Date Formed: 2011-09-14 11:20:57
Members: 309

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Holla Board


MysticDarky: They are not Darkwolf they are a branch off the family called ROGUES! not DARLKWOLF!

MysticDarky: Bringing in rouge members as Elders.. and high council members is Metgaming..

KhalinRogue: thank you Uncle

HowieDonMurder: hello family how are you all doing hope to get to meet you all soon thanks Howie :)

HowieDonMurder: hello family how are you all doing hope to get to meet you all soon thanks Howie :)

SOABraniSilverDragon: Thank you I am honered to join the FallenEmpier of the Dark Wolf Clain Queen CheyannSilverWol...

EmpressCoraDoUrden: ~Waves to her brother and sister~ I am still alive do not fear!!!!

EmperorADarkWolf: Thank you very much Lord Haides and Lady Freyja for the invite:)

RebelWithinsVixen: Proud to me collared and loved

KhalinRogue: thank you for the invite Lord Haides and Lady Freyja

DarkNikkiValentine: thank you for the invite it is nice to be a part of something good

MsBabiGurlOutLaw: Thanks Daddi for the invite much love

AncalgonSilverDragon: Thank you for the invite call me when you can ok Bro

DaciaHeart: Ty for the invite call on me any time

ValhallaHellStorm: Thank you gpa for the invite :3

ZelenaDarkWolf: thank you haides for the invite. i love being part of your family!

XxXCrystalRose: This was a total suprise, Thanks.:)

SkylarMoonCrystal: thanks for the invite and acceptance of the family

GrimShadowCelticWolf: Ty all for the invitation for me and my family.

xxx3Momexxx: thanks:)