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Everyone is welcome to join our badge group, come on in and collect badges! We welcome all kinds in here. New badge fans and old badge fans: this is a place of equality for everyone.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Calypsio
Category: IMVU
Date Formed: 2011-04-02 14:18:35
Members: 27042

The Soapbox


Active Members

    Pray for Paris - AnnaLee
    Im Yours Im Yours. Mii !Friends2 !Friends1 Ariel and Eric Boat Ariel and Eric Boat2
    Fiery S by xX1spacey1Xx Fiery H by xX1spacey1Xx Fiery I by TrubbleMayka i 38RB - Alphabet - A 38RB - Alphabet - M 68B 90B 92B 104B
    Blue Slushie Boy Tears Pt 1 Boy Tears Pt 2 3B 4B 93B 98B 99B Buddies 1/2
    XOXO unnamed badge
    Toxic Soldier [K] Hanging tree [K]
    Merry Ho Ho Mr. Skelly Dead Christmas
    TB Mii Rawrr
    Silky Silky Letters - E Silky Letters - S O D
    Winter in a bottle-Part1 Winter in a bottle-Part2 December Merry Ho Ho Teal Snowman Christmas in a Jar pt1 Christmas in a Jar pt2
    Im Yours Im Yours. blank badge 1 2013-07-17 14:20:43 blank badge 2 2013-07-17 14:20:43 feather

The Badge Board


HeyBartender: 3 Freebies []

OranBassMan: Free Bass Clef badge on my homepage.

RaveDjMaster: Two Free Badges!! My Homepage.

iMMuneC: Room Textures on Sale! Visit My Shop

Tracey50: 2 free badge on my hp

Snakejr29: looking for a 80s badges

Klonez: 3 Free badges on my homepage! []

Xtracity: where can I get GIF badges? ^^

EbonyRoseFireDragons: i am looking for letters in yellow block with black letters

AngelPepplez: Hello at All :D

Guest_Solemnvndrev: Plain black badges to fill the whole canvas ^-^ Plz

Calypsio: Reminder: The holla board is not for advertising your catalog. Use the dev thread, thanks!

YoursTruly: Feel free to grab my badge on my page =) []

DisgracedIon: If anyone finds a badge for things like Twitch, youtube, and gamer related inbox mee??

DisgracedIon: If anyone finds a badge for things like Twitch, youtube, and gamer related inbox mee??

TOOJUICYFORUxMAFIA69: I am looking for some gold letters not yellow and some lions badges

EricArrow: Thanks for the badges RaveDjMaster. By the way your profile pic is awesome

RaveDjMaster: hello all I have two free badges on my Homepage!!!

Comparably: Starbucks Badges please:]

KinkyVampLatexDoll: I'm looking for some badges could anyone help me find them i made a new topic with a photo o...