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Welcome to Free Badges, the name says it all. Collect and trade badges here and make friends while you do it. AWPJ group.

Membership: Open
Access: Public
Group Owner: Calypsio
Category: IMVU
Date Formed: 2011-04-02 14:18:35
Members: 16123

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This Months Events

- 1st IMVU's Birthday
- 7th World Health Day

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    Jack Skellington Edward Scissorhands Pretty Ariel pt1 Pretty Ariel pt2 I Luv me some Ink. killdreamsX Weirdo?
    Pie Prevent Suicide Anti-Possession Carry On Wayward Son Pt1 Carry On Wayward Son Pt2 Belief. Tattoos And Curves
    Love  Anchor Badge Purple Pastel Bow Cross Your Heart Saxa Support Cure Homophobia HIV AWARENESS Vintage Parcel black wing.
    U.S. Support DAM Gemini Badge <3My Family<3 Not Big Enough! 2MiniPyre 4MiniPyre 6MiniPyre 31MiniPyre
    [M O N S T E R] Animal Lover Friend Gay Pride ship ruff rabbit Ying Yang Finger Love
    IMVU Master Content Creator Badge Rainbow Rose Out There 1/4 Cure Homophobia Out There 2/4 Out There 3/4 Out There 4/4
    Bunny! All of the jelly beans! Hare Whats New
    Prevent Suicide ::.:DONATELLA:.:: MaKeYouSaYw0w
    Onii-Chan <3 Imouto-chan <3 Blue Narwhal Pink Narwhal Carousel Sebastian Land Straight Ahead!!!
    Silver Married Badge - AngelDelight91 Silver Forever Badge - AngelDelight91
    The only RubenMoon Only one... The only Ragnarok ...only.. Jerry - N Jerry - R Jerry - E Jerry - W lostwithoutyou.
    Vintage Shades~ Fox Unicone

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Guest_QueenWolf123: looking for emo badges

OmniBravo: Added a new badge on my home page:)

4ndr3ii: Hey 2 free badges on my home page come get them :)

Guest_sweetswaggagirl123: i love this XD

Guest_XOXOCutiePie5XOXO: Looking for Naruto/Itachi or anime badges :)

Guest_XOXOCutiePie5XOXO: Yo people. :) I am really happy with this group I love it so much people i meet and so much badge...

SunsuSin: Mystery Badge Mickey Skull~ One Joke~ Message Me X(

SunsuSin: 1 Badge @ [] X(

toxish: New alphabet in FAQ!

TINAxxxxxCANADA: Free badges , Help yourself ...Enjoy!

Guest_XOXOCutiePie5XOXO: Yo guys new here. hope to meet lots of friends :) and I am sure I will find really cool badges :)

PrinceTarenMeleth: I need help finding 4 badges 1st "Elven" 2nd "Prince" 3rd "of" 4t...

LeeDarkeagle13s: Im Looking for gold badges impaticular a gold eagle.. ty

Amazon1981: American Horror Story BUYABLE badge is located at []

RoseSilverwings: Scanty your messages are set to buddy only can't pm you.

Amazon1981: Nexu, there is a buyable AHS badge that I know of, waiting on permission to link you.

Guest_Nexusbro: Is there any American Horror Storys or Once upon a time badges?

DarkAce007: Hi everyone, 3 FREE Badges on my Home Page. Come and get them... B)

TiffanyClaussen: 2 free badges on my home page ....anyone welcome

Scanty: pm me to get my badge (ONLY FOR LOVERS)