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“Welcome To Our Group !”

Everyone is welcome to join our badge group, come on in and collect badges! We welcome all kinds in here. New badge fans and old badge fans: this is a place of equality for everyone.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Serpantha
Category: IMVU
Date Formed: 2011-04-02 14:18:35
Members: 34934

The Soapbox


Welcome to our group!

Please be sure to read the group rules before posting a thread and please check out the FAQ thread before posting questions or badge requests. Thank you!

Our group moderators are listed here in alphabetical order. If you see threads which violate the group rules, or notice individuals who are being rude or unpleasant to other members, please contact one of the group moderators or the group owner to handle the situation. Note that alts of moderators are not included in this list.

Group Owner: Serpantha

Co-owners: None

Moderators: AmazonRenu, Amortentia, Harujuku, LestatDeLioncourt, Obake, Piplup, Sebastian, Synoctis, toxish.

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Active Members

    Time to live... Mags Clovache purple N1 N2 You. ALISZONE
    CALLOVE Yes daddy Mariposa Green Tea Arizona
    shena B A D G I R L Thank you from IMVU 1Black Thank you from IMVU 2Black 9asi_ 9asi
    I Love You. I dont wanna be a player no more [M] Baka Girl Gang Bat Symbol 1 Bat Symbol 2
    ~ Shine 3 ~ A U N L 38RB - OffLine
    Serpanthas Goblet Serpanthas Goblet. Serpanthas Goblet.. Serpanthas Goblet... Satanic Satanic. IMVU Roleplay Forum. IMVU Roleplay Forum demon
    PEPSI BADGE Pepsi Can Alphabet Badge ~P~ Alphabet Badge ~I~ Alphabet Badge ~E~ Alphabet Badge ~S~ 2 Alphabet Badge ~P~ 2 INKYPINKY
    Not a Queen, a Khaleesi Dracarys! Mother of dragons
    C L O S11 DanteBloodlust Mabuhay ang Pinoy Sad ... ZP Biglaugh ... ZP Mad ... ZP Happy ... ZP
    Love Hologram!! Love Vintage!! Colors Heart! heart

The Badge Board


Serpantha: The board is NOT for advertising your shop. Please use the advertisements thread for that.

llMayhemll: New Skull badge Autogrant in my page

xXlSusieQlXx: looking for the animated smoke badges...all help appreciated ~ty

Guest_Trunkssss: i need some Dragonballz (DBZ) badges plz

Guest_Trunkssss: i need some Dragonballz (DBZ) badges plz

Guest_Trunkssss: i need some Dragonballz (DBZ) badges plz

Guest_iioonehaooii: i need scorpio badge can any one help me ? plz

SinfulChaos: I have a few whale badges set to autogrant (AP but pm for nonAP) regular and pride/support

Likely: Any gray oldies badges?

Guest_JadeSmith034: Looking for TMNT, MMPR, Lyme and scoliosis awareness ribbons, and Doctor Who Badges. Thanks :)

Justiceusa: There are a couple of badges on my page ..

007Eric: "B)" Visit my page for a badge."B)"

Ezmina: These past few days there has been a great amount of hacking. Be safe. No untrusted links.

Springer: Visit my page for a badge. :>

xPhoenix: 29 free badges on my HP, please help yourselves.

Msleeara: @Serpantha:Thread looks so fresh & clean(tu)

Serpantha: Notice: Thread maintence is now complete

Serpantha: Notice: Thread and group maintence is now in progress

cloudymax: How do you get free badges?

IIDJGENERALII: need badges ..... anyone can help

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