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“Welcome To Our Group !”

Everyone is welcome to join our badge group, come on in and collect badges! We welcome all kinds in here. New badge fans and old badge fans: this is a place of equality for everyone.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Calypsio
Category: IMVU
Date Formed: 2011-04-02 14:18:35
Members: 31494

The Soapbox


Welcome to our group!

Please be sure to read the group rules before posting a thread and please check out the FAQ thread before posting Thank you!

Our group moderators are listed here in alphabetical order. If you see threads which violate the group rules, or notice individuals who are being rude or unpleasant to other members, please contact one of the group moderators or the group owner to handle the situation. Note that alts of moderators are not included in this list.

Group Owner: Calypsio

Co-owners: None

Moderators: AmazonRenu, Amortentia, Harujuku, LestatDeLioncourt, Obake, Piplup, Sebastian, Synoctis, toxish.

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Active Members

    Tommy VIP Customer 38RB - OnLine Pewdie Stephano
    BATES pt2 top right Part 3 n 4 bottom BATES MOTEL  pt1 top left Psycho Bath
    UAE The King ... ZP
    Summer Celebration on IMVU #1 Summer Celebration on IMVU #2 Summer Celebration on IMVU #3 Summer Celebration on IMVU #4 Rocket Lolly Fun in the sun~ July Happy 4th of July
    Summer Celebration on IMVU #1 Summer Celebration on IMVU #2 VIPERtheQUEENofSIN VIPER VENOM Queen of Sin The Crow by wBlackWolfw Arctic Monkeys by wBlackWolfw poisonuz agency eye
    Love1 Thank you from IMVU 1Black Thank you from IMVU 2Black 1Black 2Black 28Black 68Black 79Black Goron tunic Link Left Wing Heart Rainbow Pastel A2 Rainbow Pastel D1 Rainbow Pastel F1
    aces I need you right now Its simple By plane... Cibu No Face Cibu No Face pt2
    l||l Embeded l||l The Pierced Heart I AM LOVED
    Not your babe Babygirl <3 Essme ` Yusef // Mythology `
    MARMAR Ballerina
    love Photography Believe Butterfly Love Infinite Anchor
    26Black 32Black 34Black 37Black 40Black 41Black 42Black 46Black 47Black 48Black

The Badge Board


Guest_BajeGalKai: Hi can anyone help me with kinky badges?

Guest_OXJOKEROX: Hey guys

Guest_HttpForlorn: anyone know the badge directory website? :S

animeschoolgrl: Psi is back up - So anyone who wanted Crybaby - You can find it on Psi HP

Guest_ActuallyMe: looking for black and white tumblr badges??...

Guest_BillBlast420: Hello everyone thanx for the add

Guest_aelaanni: does anyone know where that one badge is, the one with the cat whos flipping you off?

HeyBartender: 3 free badges @ my HP

XxST0RMxX: 3 free badges on my page, feel free to go grab them (: P)

Guest_chaarlootteeeee: any snake badges?

animeschoolgrl: Months of the Year Badges

Guest_xTayax: Months of the year badges????

Guest_yoongisi: any aesthetic badges?

SunsuSin: Ap Only! One Badge possibly 2 if your lucky! X( []...


angellee731: free badges my hp

Guest_fuvkfeelings: badges like dope, trippy and trill

Ariellia: i'm looking for Kamisama Kiss bages if anyone know where to get them let me know please

007Eric: :) Free badges on my HP ;)

Guest_DontBeASaladBroX: Looking for free Twenty One Pilots badges?

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