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For all music lovers, of all music types, come here to share what music is moving you, or just stop by to listen to some tunes. There's something for everyone here, so stop on in, relax & have fun! :)

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Group Owner: mindlessdreamer
Category: Music
Date Formed: 2010-11-14 07:50:37
Members: 2107

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mindlessdreamer: Es!!!!! *flying tackle hugs*

wolfgoda: oh you know kickin ass, taking names, the usual -hugs- hi es XD

RedaFireHeart: Awesome badges and hp.

EsReverniDrawrof: WOLFIE!!!!*tackles*Hey Dreamer,whats up woman?Hey group!Hows everyone been?

wolfgoda: good to be back XD

mindlessdreamer: Welcome back wolfgoda ^^

wolfgoda: sorry for my absence again. just got back from deployment.

AiglePantere: Hello, party time with music ? hehe ;-)

mindlessdreamer: *sweeps away the spam* phew! what a workout XD

mindlessdreamer: Welcome to the new people! :D

Guest_XxRoyalBitchXx: hiiii im new here and music is my life :)

Guest_MissIsabeleC_disabled_134915854: Hi, I've just joined this group & "MUSIC IS MY LIFE"!

chockulet: CONFETTI!!! Colors! ~drools~ Thank you! :D

mindlessdreamer: Happy Birthday To Chockulet! *throws confetti

Guest_ashleigh333: HIE GUYS..AM NEW HERE:)....I LOVE MUSIC..

Guest_XanaRenee: Hi, i'm new here! it's great to meet other music lovers!

mindlessdreamer: Hi Lola. Welcome ^^

Guest_LolaPixie_disabled_134418754: Hi! i'm new here :D []

AmintasLament: Sounds like I should pop some popcorn for this...... XD

mindlessdreamer: o.o rope, chains and duct tape sounds like trouble XD