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For all music lovers, of all music types, come here to share what music is moving you, or just stop by to listen to some tunes. There's something for everyone here, so stop on in, relax & have fun! :)

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Group Owner: VotrePeche
Category: Music
Date Formed: 2010-11-14 07:50:37
Members: 2119

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Your What Hurts?


AiglePantere: a dedication toooo>>>>>>>>>> join the group and see :P

AiglePantere: Born To Be Wild .. [] ..B)

AiglePantere: Is that romantic :P .. [] ... ahhhh

AiglePantere: Echoesssssss..... [] ... !!!

EsReverniDrawrof: love the new look!

VotrePeche: that's the wonderful work of my right-hand chica, Dreamer.

JennaRogueMoon: Happy 2015 guys.....& the new SOAPBOX looks AWESOME!! :D

AiglePantere: Happy New Year 2015 hugzzz X(

VotrePeche: oh i think you did a lot i mean, wow...just wow.

mindlessdreamer: *blushes* i didn't do much but you are welcome ma'am

VotrePeche: thank you dreamer for the WONDERFUL work you did on the soapbox!!!

VotrePeche: please pardon the interruption while i screw with the soapbox a bit.

VotrePeche: hahaha Es!

EsReverniDrawrof: Merry Hanakawanzachristmas everyone!!

VotrePeche: boy we passed that up quick

VotrePeche: 2069 woot! hehe

VotrePeche: hehehe *ish glompedted* :D

JadeGraison: Glomps Peachykins

VotrePeche: see my pulse and post songs about cold or winter there!

VotrePeche: Amyyyyyyy, we miss youuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!! <333