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For all music lovers, of all music types, come here to share what music is moving you, or just stop by to listen to some tunes. There's something for everyone here, so stop on in, relax & have fun! :)

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Date Formed: 2010-11-14 07:50:37
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Foo Fighters



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Your What Hurts?


AiglePantere: Native American- Cherokee Morning Song (you can find it here) come in, check it out..;)

LucidBleuButterfly: yes acoustic verion is awsome ! (:p)

Squirrel7t7: The Acoustic (and best) version of Everlong is my pick of the week

EsReverniDrawrof: Great pick of the week!

WitchyDSilvano: ok, thanks. I was just wondering what was up...

mindlessdreamer: Not starting over, just trying to refresh a few threads a bit.

WitchyDSilvano: Is the group starting over? I noticed a few threads wiped and re entered.

Guest_Shiftcontrol: Im new here,nice meeting all of you people,if you know more about me come some time at my club

iFreakQuency: []...

mindlessdreamer: lolol Don't pee on me!!! XD

EsReverniDrawrof: *hugs Dreamer back* anaconda squeeeeeze! We better stop or I'll have to pee, lol

mindlessdreamer: Es!!!!! *flying tackle hugs*

wolfgoda: oh you know kickin ass, taking names, the usual -hugs- hi es XD

RedaFireHeart: Awesome badges and hp.

EsReverniDrawrof: WOLFIE!!!!*tackles*Hey Dreamer,whats up woman?Hey group!Hows everyone been?

wolfgoda: good to be back XD

mindlessdreamer: Welcome back wolfgoda ^^

wolfgoda: sorry for my absence again. just got back from deployment.

AiglePantere: Hello, party time with music ? hehe ;-)

mindlessdreamer: *sweeps away the spam* phew! what a workout XD