Secret Garden (Created by: BJTK, CelesteCyrannus and miaka618)

Welcome to this hidden oasis of harmony and friendship! At the Secret Garden, you can set all your cares aside, breathe deeply, relax, and unwind. Enjoy this special place to ponder and reflect upon dreams and things that make you the happiest in life. Time stands still here, and everything around you is alive and growing, yet remains peaceful and quiet to create a simply awe inspiring serenity.

So breathe easy and enjoy the Secret Garden and all it has to offer:

  • Perfect solitude awaits you if you can make your way to the middle of the Secret Garden Maze.
  • 11 different types of plants and trees can be wonderfully assorted around the grounds of the garden.
  • A picturesque statue stands poised atop a fountain and adds tremendous beauty to the garden.
  • Gaze in mystery at the tiny blue fireflies as they illuminate the Secret Garden at night.
  • Get comfortable and chat with friends around the garden with 8 pieces of furniture to convene.

Enjoy all these items and more as you make peace with the world around you in the Secret Garden!

Furniture and Room Details

.-| Our Secret Garden

.-| Secret Garden Maze

.-| Secret Garden Statue

SG Bird Bath

.-| Secret Garden Plant

.-| Secret Garden Willow

.-| Secret Garden Flower

SG Bench 1

.-| Secret Garden Dial

SG Bench 2

SG Woven Table

.-| Moonlit Grass Short

.-| Moonlit Grass Long

.-| Secret Garden Hedge

.-| Secret Garden Angel

.-| Secret Garden Tree

.-| Secret Garden Roses

.-| Secret Garden Bush

.-| Nightflies Blue

SG Fountain

.-| Moonlit Willow

.-| Secret Garden Lamp

.-| Secret Garden Path

.-| Secret Garden Light

SG Flowerbed

*AZ* Nightmare Love

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